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Commercial Law

  • Draft and negotiate commercial agreements

  • Review and support tender bids

  • Commercialize and protect intellectual property

  • Manage contracts and communications

My goal is to provide affordable and accessible legal services in the fields of commercial and corporate law. As an experienced lawyer, I can assist you in drafting and negotiating contracts, joint ventures, and other corporate transactions. I can also provide legal advice on various business-related issues to help you make informed decisions in running your business. Talk to me about your commercial needs - let me be your personal In-House counsel.

International Business Transactions

Intl biz tra
  • Negotiate international business transactions

  • Advise on export and domestic regulations

  • Support global supply chain operations

  • Bridge cultural gaps

With over 15 years of consulting on international transactions, I am happy to assist with your international business needs. I represent Israeli companies doing business in the US and US corporations doing business in Israel, as well as other international companies operating worldwide. Talk to me if you are seeking advice on doing business in Israel, or if you could benefit from a commercial attorney who is versed in Israeli and US business customs.

Corporate Law

  • Incorporation

  • Shareholder management

  • Board of directors management

  • Corporate governance and filings

I value relationships, and I listen to my clients before taking action. I will assist you in translating your commercial objectives into practical tools and mechanisms. Talk to me if it’s time to form your corporation, if you want to understand which corporate structure best suits your needs, or if you simply seek clarity and organization in your corporate governance.

Business Development

  • Understand your business objectives and model

  • Identify and manage commercial risks

  • Devise and implement risk management tools

  • Employee training

I understand commerce – both domestic and international business transactions. I see the supply chain behind the numbers and I will help you devise the most practical and concise plan to achieve your objectives. Talk to me about the commercial realities of your business. I respect your time and money, and I will bring my expertise to your home field. I come to you - no need to take the day off and come meet with me in my office (although you are always welcome!).

Personal and Israeli Law

PiIL Law
  • Israeli notary services

  • Signature authentications

  • Continuous power of attorney

  • Wills and estate planning

  • General consultation

Through my US office I offer the services of an Israeli law firm located in the US. If you have any personal matters to attend to relating to interests, assets and rights in Israel, I will do my best to assist. I offer full Israeli notary services, signature authentications, drafting of continuous powers of attorney, as well as wills and estate planning in accordance with Israeli law.

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