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About My Law Firm

My in-house approach

My law firm is set to become your personal In-house counsel. I am dedicated to providing highly professional legal services in the fields of commercial and corporate law. I take pride in my affordable and accessible services, and I am committed to helping my clients achieve their commercial objectives.

I fully understand the reality of the production floor as well as that of the boardroom, and the importance of customer relationships. With my in-house approach, I advise my clients more effectively to realize their goals as they navigate complex business transactions. My primary focus – and added value – is supporting businesses with the following transactions: joint ventures, SAFEs, first- and second-round investments, limited and general partnerships, subcontractor relationships, government bids and contracts, design and development operations, license agreements, and general business development and risk management.

My clients include companies and individuals in the high-tech, biomedical, agrotech, foodtech, financial, and real estate sectors, as well as conventional industry such as factories providing CNC services, construction and development companies, and agricultural facilities.

About me

I obtained my law degree from Suffolk University Law School in 2003, and hold a BA in Peacebuilding from Brandeis University.

I am licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in the State of Israel, and I am also a certified notary public in Israel.

I am fluent in English and in Hebrew. In my free time I enjoy football (the American kind), football (the rest of the world kind), tennis, cooking (BBQ, sushi, and baking pita), and the occasional chainsaw workout, and of course, my two boys and supermagilistic spouse!

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